Who’s this Greenie?

Hi! My name is Svenja. I was born and raised in Germany and came to Australia in 2009 to “travel Down Under for a year”. After that year I was going to study photography in the UK. Six years later I’m still Down Under and still haven’t studied photography (or anything else for that matter). I live in the cinnamon-dusted town of Meekatharra (in the middle of the Western Australian Outback) and I’m loving it. I met my now-husband, Pete, there and moved in with him pretty soon thereafter. Little did he know back then that I was going to grow an immense passion for the environment and that I would, slowly but surely, fill our home and backyard with chickens, compost buckets, a veggie patch, a dog and many many many more fantastic projects and ideas that I haven’t implemented, yet.

This blog will serve as a journal and reference library for my journey towards greater environmental sustainability, so I can look back and see what worked, what didn’t work and reminisce at how lovely it was in the past, when we still had a lawn instead of a massive veggie patch. (NO NO NO Pete, just kidding! I know you would divorce me if I was to dig up your precious lawn and convert it into awesome and productive garden beds! Not gonna happen. I know. … Not yet anyway, hrhrhrhr.)

You, dear Readers, are welcome to use this reference library too and, who knows, you might get something out of this for your own life (not “how to dig up your hubby’s lawn” obviously).

I have no formal education in environmental management, no bachelor of science, no professional background in anything to be honest, so I’m really just winging it. Trying things out, learning on the go, soaking up lots of bits and pieces from a variety of sources and adapting my lifestyle, one piece of the lawn part of my life at a time.

I hope you enjoy this blog!

Svenja and Crusty the Chicken


2 Responses to “Who’s this Greenie?

  • Alison Fox
    4 years ago

    Svenja, I’m absolutely with you on this journey. I worry about our planet too… And I’ve started with two little chickens in my garden and a big compost bin! On a separate note, you write extremely well; better than most people who were born into English speaking families! Keep up the excellent work you’re doing.

    • Outback Greenie
      4 years ago

      Thank you for your kind words Alison. I’m glad you’re on the same journey and are doing something! Chickens are so much fun, aren’t they – and so awesome! Turning food waste into eggs, supplying manure, keeping pests and weeds under control, scratching around in the soil – they are a greenie’s dream!

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