Not bad for a small town

My previous posts were all about how the Meeka Goes Green Recycling Centre came into life and what it looks like. Now you may be thinking “that’s lovely. A bunch of greenies got together, set up an old shed with a fold out table and a crusher, wheel a bit of cardboard around in their cute little trolleys and probably jump around hugging trees and being merry.”

Yupp that pretty much describes it (except for the tree hugging bit perhaps). It sounds really simple, doesn’t it? No rocket science involved here. And yet it blows me away just how effective this is, our little gravel-floored-second-hand-shed-that-is-run-by-volunteers-in-a-small-800-people-Outback-town. Here’s a few facts and figures:

$2,540.50 – The total revenue so far

$1,270.25 – donated to Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation (through Ruggies Recycling)

More than 46,750 kg (103,066 lbs for the American readers) of cardboard kept out of landfill and recycled (I say “more than” because our record keeping wasn’t always spot on. There were more bales that we haven’t even accounted for). This volume is possible because our local supermarket is on board with their own baler. They are responsible for about 1.35 tonnes  of cardboard each month whereas the Recycling Centre handles roughly half a tonne each month.

In just 7 months we’ve already smashed out 10 bales of plastics (and there’s a lot of bottles going into each bale. Their compress-ability is amazing.)

In the same time we’ve also produced 23 bales of aluminium cans.

The rest of the pallet space was filled with boxes of newspapers, bags of tin cans and boxes of old magazines/paper.

The most amazing thing is that this volume could probably be doubled tripled octupled because at this stage it’s really only a handful of people and only a few of the businesses/organisations that are bringing their materials down to the Recycling Yard.

Just think: if one little town with only a few active recyclers and a shed with gravel floor and wheelbarrows can keep over 50,000 kg of material out of landfill and donate more than $1,200 to a children’s hospital – just how much good could we do if every town did this?

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