I have a dream…

… that one day we will be living in a small, sustainable house in the midst of German greenery, with the lushness of veggie gardens, bountiful fruit trees, happy chickens and Rex the Dog.

… that one day I can make Permaculture, Sustainable Design and Photography my main profession.

… that one day I can live simply and happily whilst contributing to this planet and helping people around me.

My “I have a dream” speech may not go down in history like Martin Luther King’s speech over half a century ago (probably because my dream does not change the lives of millions of discriminated people) but, like the speech 54 years ago I, too, feel very passionate about my dream and believe the ‘living simpler and being content with less’ is a lifestyle choice that resonates with many people nowadays.

Pete and I have been toying with the idea of moving to Germany for a while now. We’ve been talking about the kind of house we would like to live in (more on the small and manageable side but with a spare room so our Aussie family can come for a holiday. And a library. And a fireplace.), the kind of location (out of town, in the greenery, in Schleswig-Holstein, and near a golf course apparently… 🙂 ) and the kind of work we want to do (my romantic vision has a massive veggie garden and fruit orchard where I am a Permaculture and Sustainable Living consultant and Pete can sell the produce at the markets, but I’m not yet sure how he likes this idea of being a green grocer :D). We’ve been looking at real estate sites to see what kind of price we’re looking at for the land/house we want; considering that all the solar panels, water tanks, greywater and blackwater systems and sustainable design of the house may need a bit more capital to start with (but then reducing our running costs for all the years to come).

So a few months ago we sat down and jotted down our income and how much we can save (which is lots thanks to Meekatharra’s limited spending opportunities). We figured we would have enough for a house in 2023 and then pay it off/pay for restorations or renovations over another 3 years or so.

Sometimes when I can’t go to sleep I just dream of this future and colour in the picture a bit more. What kind of garden would I have? How many chickens? Any meat birds or only laying/foraging hens? Would I have a neatly manicured orchard or a bit of a wild food forest? If the house was an old farm house with a big barn could I convert the barn into a training function room where we could run courses? Or maybe a big photo gallery? There are so many possibilities!

When we were in Germany and Sweden last month we paid closer attention to houses as we were driving through the lush green country side. Especially the Swedish houses, nestled in the drop dead gorgeous forests and fields and green landscapes made us melt away with longing, as mentioned in my previous post Greetings from Europe.

We visited a couple of friends in southern Sweden who live in an old farmhouse which they’re modernising and renovating (with big open windows and spacious open plan living), half an hour’s drive along a windy, single lane country road, lots of forest, some paddocks with sheep and cows and a shed full of timber. Seeing their house and all the other beautiful country homes really added another big puzzle piece to my picture of our future. It showed me that it is not just a fantasy or a silly dream, but it is an achievable lifestyle that other people already live and experience. We certainly can make it happen! So we’re going to work hard for the next few years and will, piece by piece, step after step, make our dream reality.

Funnily enough as I was writing this I realised that I already have certain aspects of my dream: we already have Rex the Dog, we have chickens, we have veggies and herbs, we live a fairly simple live, I feel more content with less and I already contribute to the planet (with the recycling project) and help people around me (with the ambulance service). The only aspect that’s missing is the lush green landscape 🙂 But apart from that I’m already living my dream. Knowing that feels so good.

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