Impressions from Sweden & Germany

I am already so much into the swing of it back here in Meeka that I haven’t even got around to uploading any photos of our July trip to Germany and Sweden. I wrote a bit about it here and here. It was such a good trip! We had the perfect balance of travelling/exploring and kicking back/relaxing. I even relaxed enough to get my creative side flowing, whip out my camera and drone and take some photos:

A typically Swedish house with its red walls and white window frames, tucked into the forest next to a lake. Gorgeous!

Pete posing nicely on Sweden’s typical rocky landscape

So much moss!

Typical Sweden – taken south of Stockholm

Hiking through Sweden’s gorgeous landscape

Even the smallest details are lush and green in Sweden

So much moisture…

The little Swedish holiday house we rented for a few days. Gorgeous!

This fox came very close to our little holiday house – here he looks a bit like a kangaroo

This Jetty in Worpswede is an art installation provoking thought about climate change and rising sea levels.

A field hare

Germany is so rich in water

Such green landscapes around Bremen

Schoenberger Strand breakwater

Schoenberger Strand’s breakwater and beach

The Kieler Bucht (Bay) with the submarine museum on the beach at Laboe

Kiel’s Olympic Marina Schilksee

Schoenberger Strand with my drone

I made us climb this hill but the view over old Goeteborg certainly paid off

I love the old cobble streets in many of Europe’s cities – here in Kristianstad

The Skansen Kronan is a 17th century fort built on top of a steep steep hill in Goteborg

The original remnants of Sweden’s only surviving Viking Ship thought to be from 900AD.

Stockholm’s old city Gamla Stan

The Øresund Bridge connects Denmark and Sweden

Somebody has a cute sense of humour (and possibly too much time on their hands)

The Øresund Bridge is impressive to drive over

The bridge was shrouded in fog on our way back

Werne has a beautiful old city

Pete went for a Skydive with Thor!

Pete skydiving near Västerås with his tandem partner Thor

So much wind power!

Loving the Renewable Energy everywhere

So much power is harnessed from wind

Windpower in Kiel – both for electricity and for recreation

More windpower

Windmills add beautiful contrast to photos

Kiel is a popular windsurfing spot

The Laboer Ehrenmal provides food for thought in regards to wars and fallen sailors.

Laboe has a memorial hall to commemorate fallen sailors from all over the world

The Laboer War Memorial shows all ships lost at sea. 35,000 ships in World War I and 120,000 ships in World War II. That’s a lot of sailors on those ships…

So many wildflowers everywhere!

And the highlight of my trip: My best friend Fredi married lovely Mike and had a baby <3

3 Responses to “Impressions from Sweden & Germany

  • not vince
    2 years ago

    I can’t quite make it out – the 2nd photo, does that say “SLOW” on Pete’s cap?

  • not vince
    2 years ago

    Also, nice purse in photo #5.

  • Outback Greenie
    2 years ago

    Haha stop picking on your brother, Not-Vince! I can’t quite make it out either but no, I think it’s his golf cap. And the purse you’re referring to is my drone providing us with beautiful aerial photos! It’s actually smaller than my DSLR camera bag.. Crazy!

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