About the Greenie

Hi! My name is Svenja. I grew up in Germany and came to Australia in 2009 to backpack around the country for a year. I was planning on studying photography in the UK after my travels but life somehow happened in its weird and wonderful ways and to this date I still haven’t studied photography and instead live in a small Outback town called Meekatharra with my Aussie husband Pete, six chickens, our dog Rex, a veggie patch and lots of ideas and projects on how we humans can live a more environmentally sustainable lifestyle. I do still love photography and, despite the lack of university degree, have developed and improved and am keen to learn more and use my photography to bring stories across and showcase some of the beauty of this planet.

I love life, with all its ups and downs (well, the ups more so than the downs, naturally) and am truly passionate about being ‘the best human I can be’ by living in better balance with earth.

What does that mean? Well, that’s what this journey is all about.

Svenja and Crusty the Chicken

Bilyuin Pool

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